Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ask Bob

Dear Bob,
I was just wondering if you could settle a bet for me. My friend says that Terry Silver from Karate Kid(KK) III could kick the crap out of Chozen from KKII. I say no way. Terry Silver didn't even fiight Daniel, while Chozen had the balls to do it in front of his whole village. Please tell my friend he is a douche and to give me my $10. --charlie-memphis.

Charlie you are an idiot. Terry Silver would kick the crap out of Chozen for many reasons.
1. Terry Silver was a Vietnam vet as well as a black belt.
2. Chozen got the crap beat out of him by Daniel .(reason enough)
3. Terry Silver had a much more sinister laugh.
4. Terry Silver had a ponytail. And we all know bad guys with ponytails kick major ass.
5. Did I mention Chozen got the crap beaten out of him by a 135 lb. guy with a bum leg.
Give your pal his $10.


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