Sunday, July 17, 2005

Jay Jay Beats Bush in Lanslide Victory!

Jay Jay the Jet Plane, star of the popular kid's show, beat out George W. Bush in a mock election held by Dump Digest. The election was held in the "Small Fries" class at the It's a Small World daycare center in Willow Grove, PA. The voters were all the age of three.
Jay Jay won by a whopping 23-1 margin. When asked why they chose Jay Jay, the most common answers given were " zoom, zoom, plane", "Jay Jay funny", "I went bathroom", and disagreement with the social-political environment in America.
The lone Bush supporter was three year old Adam Viviano. We asked young Adam why he chose Bush over Jay Jay. "That man in over there said he would give me a lollipop if I did. Hey where is my lollipop?" said Adam. Bad pollsters at the Playskool level?
The man described by Adam was 32 year-old Jimmie Hartzo, the daycare librarian and lifelong Republican. When questioned about the whereabouts of Adam's promised candy, Mr Hartzo handed over a blue raspberry Blow Pop, and finally a Republican campaign promise was delivered.


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