Sunday, July 24, 2005

British Police to Victims Family " My Bad!"

British Police on Sunday gave a very sincere "My Bad!" to the family and friends of the Brazilian man they mistakenly shot dead on Friday. Metroplolitan Police have accepted full responsibility, and then reminded everyone to think of the underlying cause of this incident. Jean Charles de Menezes(pictured) was mistaken as a terrorist and shot dead by police as he was hurrying to his train.

The police have laid out what compensation the victims family will receive for this tragedy. "To the family I can only offer our deepest regrets," Metropolitan Police commissioner Ian Blair said Sunday. Unfortunately for the family, regrets are not an acceptable form of payment at all funeral homes.

Police are now defining the act of hurrying to catch a train as "suspicious", and have advised all people of tan complexion to simply wait for the next train from now on. "We know that this being summer those of you who have been to the beach need heed the same warning," said a police spokesperson. "This will help cut down on "accidental" shootings by police."


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