Thursday, July 28, 2005

First Theater to Open in London.

In a bold move American theater owner Michael Stroud has planned to open the first official theater in London.

"For centuries Londoners have enjoyed shows at their favorite theatre. I feel that it's time to introduce them to the American phenomenon known as theater", said Stroud.

Londoners have their reservations about this import. "Theater? Never heard of it. Sounds like some sort of scam to me", expresses Niles Harrington, a concerned citizen. We informed Niles that a theater was a place to watch a play or musical. "Why would we need any of those, we already have places like that, we call them theatres."

"Oh yes, I saw one of those places in a foreign movie once. Complete hogwash. London will never stand for a place like that", said another Londoner.

Some Londoners are excited by the idea. " I think it will be great. I went to one in New York City once and I had a bloody great time. I wish we had a place like it here earlier" said Culture Minister Rebecca Conner.

Like all new imports it may be a culture shock at first, but Michael Stroud is confident that Londoners will adopt the theater concept as its own.


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