Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Foreign Tourism In Iraq Reported "Excellent" For 2nd Straight Year

(Excited tourists arrive for "vacation" in beautiful Iraq)

Iraq's Tourism Minister Khalil Hammed reported another stellar year for foreign "tourism" in Iraq. For the second straight year the majority has come from the United States.
"We've seen a sharp decline in tourism from Poland and Portugal this past year, but luckily the American contingent is still strong. They seem to just love our beautiful deserts, enjoying such barren wastelands as Tikrit, Karbala, and Karkuk. Also, the average American tourist stays on "vacation" for nearly a year in Iraq," said Hammed. "We are encouraging other Americans to follow suit, and we understand as a signing bonus for entering the US Marines or Army, you receive an all expenses paid "vacation" to our beautiful country."
The Iraqi Tourism Board also announced its new marketing campaign "Have a Blast in Baghdad!". It will run commercials for the campaign during all Fox News shows.


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