Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Atlanta High School for Blind Drops Drivers Ed. Class

Claiming low attendance and dismissal of their insurance by State Barn, the Atlanta Blind Charter School, or ABC School, has dropped its drivers education program. Many wonder why the school offered the class to begin with.

The program has had only two students its two year existence, only one of which actually drove the car. That incident occurred when the student entered the car and pretended to be driving. It wasn't until two miles down the road did he realize he was actually driving, at which point he slammed on what luckily turned out to be the brake and continued to skid out into a perfect parallel park job.

The school also had it's insurance for the program revoked and cancelled when State Barn realized what the ABC School's initials stood for. "We thought it was for a daycare's drivers ed. class, which we were also a little worried about at first, but you know when it comes to driving and learning, it's never too early to start. So we approved the policy." said State Barn employee Stan Rinkel. "But now knowing it is a blind school, now that is just ridiculous. We would have to be idiots to insure blind kids. Hell, I heard some of them can't even see, for crying out loud."

School principal David Staskilunis has expressed deep remorse for the removal of the subject. Now the school will sell the drivers ed. car, a 2004 Cadillac Escalade, which the principle was allowed to drive during non-school hours. Principle Staskilunis has put a proposal in front of the school's board to have the drivers ed. class replaced with a sailing team.


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