Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hollywood to Film New "Blossom" Remake Movie.

Whoa! After every other TV show we happily forgot about has been remade into a big Hollywood movie, DreamJob Pictures has announced it will bring the somewhat popular early 90's sitcom Blossom to the big screen. The sitcom was about a teen girl Blossom trying to deal with her issues with the help of her father Nick, alcoholic brother Anthony, and heartthrob brother Joey. There will also be the key dream sequences Blossom would have with celebrities, which will leave room for the studio to plug in cameos for some of Hollywood famous overexposed stars.

It's been reported Ashlee Simpson will don the ugly hat, oversized shirt, and tight stirrup pants to portray the annoying teen title character. Joseph Lawrence (formerly Joey Lawrence, he's now a mature actor) will reprise the role of brother Joey. " Whoa! I think I am perfect for the role. I once played a similar character ten years ago on a show called Blossom, which is weird because this movie is called Blossom and again I am playing the brother Joey," said [the ten years too old for the role and dumb as rocks] Lawrence.

"Blossom will be our test movie, if it succeeds we have plans to remake Step by Step, Out of this World, Charles in Charge, and Family Matters... I love that Urkel!" said studio president Jeffrey Katzenstein.

"And in our opinionation, the movie is gonna surely suck!" Dump Digest vows to move its operations to Canada if this movie makes a single dollar.


At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Kat said...

I don't know Burt, I think I might want to check this flick out.


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