Monday, August 01, 2005

Gay Texas Couple Finally Allowed to Adopt.

Stone Creek, TX- For four years Marvin Hatter and James Watson have dreamt of children of their own. They are a gay couple who have enjoyed each other's company for the past 16 years. While they knew they would never be allowed to marry in Texas, they thought at least they would be allowed to adopt a child in need of love. But this is the South, and the local and state governments did everything to stop the couple from adopting. After 14 adoption agencies and loads of red tape the couple nearly gave up. That is until James's friend Martin, also a homosexual, told James of the agency which automatically approved him. The agency is called "The Cabbage Patch Kids".
"We were excited, so excited we rushed down to the Toy Barn as fast as we could," said Marvin. "When we reached the aisle that's when we saw them. Pamela Megan (left), Misty Jennifer (center), and Ricki Jeri (right). They were the three most beautiful babies ever."
"We scooped them right up and took them to the front counter to fill out the paper work. We were praying that this would be our last stop on our road to adoption in this redneck assbackwards state," said James. "The girl with the cow print hat working the counter just looked at us, judging us with her unibrow laden eyes. We were frightened she would say no also. So I lost it. I told her, ' I am Gay and I love Marvin! No one else is going to tell us we can't love these children like straight people will!'"

That's when the 16 year old cashier said, "Whatever sir. I really don't care. I just need you to put the Cabbage Patch Kids on the belt so I can scan them."
"Aren't you going to do a backround check on us?", asked Marvin.
"For what?-- sir, just put them on the belt , people are waiting behind you", said the cashier.
"No paperwork for us to sign?" questioned James.
"Not unless you are paying with a credit card," responded the counter girl.
"You mean we just pay you some money, then leave the store with them?"
"As soon as you possibly can would be great."

The couple paid a total of $75.00 for their three new children and then went home to embark on life as a family. "You think we pissed off this bible-totin' racist town being gay, wait till they get a load of gay parents with two Black and one Asian daughters," said James of their new family.
When they got home they sent away for the children's birth certificates. Then they went right back to the Toy Barn to go on a clothes shopping spree. They look forward to taking care of these children and express interest in adopting more.


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