Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Survivor: Attica Begins Filming.

Production on the new installment of the popular reality show Survivor, Survivor:Attica, began filming last Friday. The 16 new castmates, all everyday citizens, were sent into the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, NY. They were then divided into two tribes, The Aryan Tribe, and The Latino Tribe. The season will include all the normal segments and few more that are unplanned as of yet. Producers have said all the castmates have been fitting in better than expected. A few have already found love interests. Also, three castmates have already been eliminated after a fight in the showers resulted a trip to the infirmary.
Producers gave DD exclusive access to one of the castmates for an interview. This is our interview with Philbin Pleabody(top row black shirt), 32, a 135 lb. computer programmer from Shady Farms, Iowa.

DD: So Philbin, how has life been in the "Big House".
PP: Oh not too bad, been seeing a lot of interesting people, we got real prison jobs, got raped by my cellmate, started lifting weights, and there are arts and crafts.
DD: Okay...WAIT! You got raped by your cellmate?
PP: No. I didn't say that.
DD: Yes you did, I have it on tape.
PP: No you don't. Because I didn't say that. I know I didn't say that, because the producers told me not to talk about how I was raped by my cellmate and I have spent the past three days crying in a ball in the laundry room. So you're wrong, move on.
DD: Have you participated in any immunity challenges?
PP: Just one so far, we had to conceal a knife made out of a toothbrush, in a "special place", and get it past the guards. The last one to get theirs found gets immunity. It's actually still going on. That 70 year old librarian lady and I are the only one's left. [yelling coming from a 300 lb. Latino gentleman with a Care Bear tattoo on his face] .. Okay Esteban-- I'll be right there!
DD: Do you have to go for roll call or something?
PP: No. Esteban is going to show me how to make drugs out of cough medicine and dish soap.
DD: Thank you for your time Philbin, and good luck on winning this year's Survivor.
PP: Thank you, I am just happy for this opportunity to make my wife and kids proud. I think I have a good chance.[ philbin leans in close and whispers] Get-Me-Out-Of-Here. [then he begins screaming as he is carried away by a producer and three guards] Get me out of here Burt, or I'll [bleepin] kill you! NO!--Mommy!--Help!

Well it looks like this may be the best season yet. Look for its premiere next January on CBS.


At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is nothing to make fun of. A very close relative of mine was killed in the prison riot of 1971. I don't think this is a show I would like.


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