Monday, August 22, 2005

Man Still Embarrassed by Random Dumb Comment Made 3 Years Ago.

(definitely not at Last Supper)

Charlie Mayberry has said a lot of dumb things in his 29 years of life. One comment still haunts him nearly three years later. On Christmas Day, 2002, Charlie went to holiday dinner at the home of his girlfriend Jenna's parents. Right after Jenna's father Mike carved the Turducken (turkey/duck/chicken combo), Charlie tried to make small talk and decided to let everyone know something that was completely untrue.

" I was nervous and thought that I read it somewhere," said Charlie explaining his misspeak. " So I said to everyone 'You know, Jesus was served Turducken at The Last Supper. It's actually the first place experts believe it was made.' I couldn't believe I was saying it even as the words were coming out. Everyone just looked at me like I was a complete idiot. No one said anything of the sort, but I know they were thinking it. I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the evening, but in my mind I kept replaying what I said and it sounded more retarded everytime I thought about it."

Charlie has claimed that every time he is near Jenna's family he knows they are still thinking about it. Anytime turkey, chicken, or duck is brought up he knows they all remember his dumb words and he gets all blushed and embarrassed again. Sometimes the memory flashes back with the same result even away from her family.

"They never bring up that I made a dumb comment, they don't have to. I know they are laughing about it when I leave the room. They probably say 'Hey remember the time Charlie said Turducken was at The Last Supper. What an idiot. I hope he doesn't marry you Jenna. We don't want half-stupid grandkids."

Dump Digest asked Jenna's family if they could remember any dumb things Charlie had said during holiday dinners and they all replied no. Except for Jenna's sister who still remembers when Charlie congratulated her on being pregnant when she was not.

When told by Dump Digest that none of Jenna's family members recall the comment, Charlie replied, "Oh yeah, like they are going to admit to their favorite inside joke and ruin it. They remember!"


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Kat said...

Are you sure that turducken is edible? That photo is really disturbing.


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