Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gorillas Go Ape for "King Kong". Give it 2 Unopposed Thumbs Up

America is buzzing about King Kong due out next Friday. Nowhere is the excitement level greater than in the non-human primate world. This culture has not been so excited about a motion picture since Matt Lablanc played buddy-buddy with Ed.

Here are some reviews from gorilla movie critics:

Two unnoppsed thumbs way up! - Mika - Bronx Zoo

Hooo-Hoo... Hoo Hoo Haaa!!- Charlie - San Diego Zoo

Hoo-Haaa! Haaa-Hoooo-Haaaa!!! Martinique - Philadelphia Zoo

A true masterpiece worthy of the attention of The Lord of the Rings. Jackson has again balanced drama, action, and special effect. Pure Genius! --- Sorry we thought this gorilla was a special albino gorilla, It was just Roger Ebert.

Dump Digest apologizes.


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