Friday, October 07, 2005

NAACP: Old White People "Acting Black" Still Not Funny

(Reginald Van Johnson; Gerald Greenberg)

The NAACP sent a message to advertisers and television/movie writers on Thursday. It still is neither acceptable or funny when elderly or "stuck-up" white people imitate hip-hop culture.

NAACP spokesperson Reginald Van Johnson had this to say about the matter, " First off, just because a very high percentage of the people who "act" and "talk" and "dress" the hip-hop lifestyle are young, poor, African Americans; it does not mean all African Americans are that way. Frankly, I don't know the difference between a Shizzle and a Dizzle. I really don't care either."

"Secondly, by working on that stereotype of a young African American; and having the complete opposite ("uppity", older, Caucasian) play that part does not equal funny. In fact, we still view that as racist. Just as we did during the minstrel show days. And if you're gonna do it anyway; please stop using slang from 1995."

Gerald Greenberg, the 64 yr. old Caucasian Head of Marketing for PepsiCo, had this to say about the NAACP statement, "Why they gotta be hatin'. Na' what I mean, son! Cats is just trippin' because we know what's crackalackin' in the streets. For real, son. Reginald Van Johnson, more like Uncle Tom Van Johnson. He's probably one of those Bel Air Richie Rich bitches! Don't hate the player, hate the game!"

Both sides agreed on a compromise on Monday. Caucasians agreed to place an age limit of 45 on Caucasians imitating Hip-hop. NAACP pledged to rid African American stand-up of the impersonation that portrays all Caucasians as "dorky".


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Christopher King said...

That is pretty funny.

But this is not:

That having been said, the NAACP is pretty much a piece of sh*t anymore.

Check my website and weblog for my lawsuit against Nashua, NAACP President Gloria Timmons and VP Melanie Levesque, and documents and movies about how they screw the little guy and get in bed with police chiefs like Martin J. Dunn in Jaffrey, New Hampshire who violate Civil Rights.


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