Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sneaky Brother Trades Little Sister 2 Pennies for 1 Quarter, Again. Finally Has Enough for Pokemon Cards.

A Quincy, Illinois 11 Year old successfully made another 23 cents off his 5 year old sister when he tempted her to trade her old dingy quarter for two shiny new pennies. This being the ninth time this month; Laurence Cohen finally was able to buy the much coveted Pokemon collector's pack. He figures at this rate he'll have the complete set by 2007.

"She falls for crap like that all the time. Last year my scam was getting her to clean my room by teasing her that there was no way she could clean it faster than my record of ten minutes. I began counting at regular speed until she got going. Then right when she was finishing like an hour later I'd be like '9 min 58..9 min 59...10 min.. oh, just missed it 10 min 01 second. So close Becky, I knew you couldn't do it.' The she'd be like "Let me try next week; come on... Come on Laurence, I can beat it!' I ran that scam for about three months till my parents found out and grounded me for a month," said Laurence. "This 2 pennies for a quarter deal, this thing is a gold mine. I am going to have to play this cool if I want the whole Pokemon set."

"Laurence is so dumb," said his naive sister Becky, "He actually gave me two brand new coins for some stupid old one I didn't even want anymore. I hope he doesn't figure out how stupid he is."


At 2:38 AM, Blogger quincygirl88 said...

hmmmm, why did you choose quincy, IL?
i live in quincy, and most people don't know we exist. Expalin?

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Burt Beanley said...

We like to take from real life. Just a thank you for the person(s) that reads us often in Quincy.


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