Monday, January 02, 2006

Local "Cool Guy" Credits Peer Pressure to His Success.

Harry Thomas is cool way beyond his 19 years of life. But Harry could not have his reputation without a little help from friends and a lot of help from peer pressure. It was peer pressure that pushed him to do all the extremely stupid things that have made him a legend in many teenagers' minds.

"Oh yeah, I owe a lot to peer pressure. God, I definitely wouldn't have started smoking and drinking if my friends weren't. That time I ate a whole jar of mayonnaise at Moose's party, peer pressure. All the things I own that I can't afford: my car, my designer clothes, my awesome sunglasses; if it weren't for peer pressure I would never have gotten such high interest credit cards to pay for all of them," explained Harry while sitting on his 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder.

"If it weren't for peer pressure, I would probably be some nerd sophomore in college, rather than a really awesome 6th year senior in high school. Peer Pressure has taught me the important life lesson that it is much more important to have friends than an education. Could college get me a job at the skate rink where all the hottie 9th graders hang out? Don't think so! Does college pay you $7.50/hr plus free tokens for the arcade? Nope!"

We asked local teens at the Skate Factory what they thought about Harry.

"Harry? That guy that's like 23? That guy is a creepy loser. He's always asking us if we wanna take a ride in his car he calls The Blue Dragon. Oh yeah..he is reeeallll cool....5 years ago," said Jessica Blatz, 15.

"Dude, Harry is the coolest! This guy has awesome clothes, a cool car, great sideburns; what's not to like about him? He totally makes me pressured to be just like him. I want high interest credit cards, too," said Tim Dresin, 17.


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