Friday, March 10, 2006

"Throwback" Jersey Makers Introduce "Throwaway" Jerseys

Stitchell & Mess, makers of "Throwback" sports jerseys have introduced a new line of jerseys, the "Throwaway" Jersey, honoring the biggest busts in NBA history.

If you were one of the retards that cheered when Sam Bowie was chosen over Michael Jordan, his jersey is available for you to relive the embarrassing time when you were happy to root for such a scrub. Were you a big Nets fan jumping up and down when they chose Dennis Hopson in 1987, over the likes of Reggie Miller and Scottie Pippen? Well, his jersey is there also, now you can wear it and cheer him on while he fills up your gas tank on Route 9.

Stitchell & Mess says that they came up with the idea after they purchased the jerseys through a warehouse liquidation sale. Other jerseys available include: Miichael Olowokandi, Shawn Bradley, Eric Montross, Pervis Ellison, Rick Robey and Laron Profit.


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