Sunday, April 23, 2006

Man Unexpectedly Finds Love and Future Baby Mama On Online Dating Site.

For Gil Diez and Lisa McGough it was a match made in "Imaginary Heavan", which we're pretty sure is just regular heaven. Thanks to, an internet dating site, these two formed a wonderful partnership. Gil, 32 and a grill cook at a popular fast-food chain, and Lisa, 37 and a hair sweeper at a beauty parlor, met through email response after both searched for the exact opposite they received.

"Well I was a little surprised when my Fun Loving, Adventurous, Beauty Pageant Winning NSNDDVSWCF29ISONSNDSWM25-35YO turned out to be 37YO/ 290lbs. ex-prostitute drug addict mother of 10, that is still on parole for the next six years; but then I guess I wasn't exactly truthful. I said I don't smoke and I do light up the occassional Swisher Sweet Vanilla Cigar, so it didn't feel right to be judgemental, " said Gil of his initial meeting of Lisa.

"Gil wasn't exactly what he said to be either. He said people say he looks like Brad Pitt. True while they both have hair and are white, last time I checked Brad Pitt did not wear braces and have a size 48 waist. I am not certain, but I am pretty sure Brad Pitt doesn't still wear "Spuds McKenzie Rocks Spring Break '88" t-shirts either. Gil is actually a very sweet guy; we hit it off really well and I am sure it won't be long before I will start receiving child support payments from him as well, " said Lisa.

Literally 100's of other people have found pure white-trash love on says site founder and client Warren T. Murphey.

"This sites great, I actually founded it 'cause of my goiter. See I needed to find a lady that liked the goiter, ya' see. That's when I set this thing up and founds my first ex-wife Trudy. She was a freaky summa'bitch; she aint care nuttin about 'dat goiter. Hell, She had three her own. But we's broke up on account here husband got outta jail. So I found me...., " said Murphey.

"I am sorry....I have to vomit.....can I just use your...uh...outside please?, " I interrupted.

Seeing this story was going nowhere I just decided to stop with this report. Best wishes to Gil and Lisa.


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