Saturday, April 08, 2006

Name Society Agrees "Harold" is Worst Name.

The National Society Of Names, in Greenwich, Conn., has revealed this week that the name "Harold" is outright the crappiest name in use. Narrowly beating out "Lemonade", "Harold" ranks at the top of the worst. We got in touch with Dr. Nicholas Robert McCorkle, head of the study, and head nameologist at the NSN.

"The name Harold, we've found, is stupid. It's origins are Nordic, meaning "ruler of war", but the name has since come to mean "smarmy a**hole with glasses", or "psychotic loner ex-nerd", in modern America," said McCorkle.

" This has become evident in Harold Ramis, Harold "Harry" Anderson for the first description, and "Dirty Harry" for the second. Usually Harold's try to escape their fate of nerdiness by calling themselves "Harry" or "Hal", but they are not fooling anyone, we know you are really just a stupid "Harold"...oh god!...just saying that name gives me the chills of scraping styrofoam...I hate it! Why do parents punish their kids this way?"

The study was conducted by polling 20,000 Americans during a 2yr. period. Which has DD wondering why anyone would waste their time doing idiotic, crappy work no one really cares about....then we shut up and continued to do just that.

Harold also beat out Madison, Conner, Clitoris, Stephen(only with the "ph"), Gauge, Jerkface, Thurston, and Ghonereah to round out the top ten worst Names.


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