Thursday, April 27, 2006

Roadwork Employee Takes Time-Out From Cellphone to Fill "Stupid" Pothole.

Darrell Thompson, 22, a roadwork crewmember in Denver, Colorado was quite annoyed on Monday when pressure from a**hole drivers forced him to take time away from talking on his cellphone to fill in a pothole that he was given all day to fill in.

"I just started at 8:00am, and it was only 11:00am at the time. So I am talking to my girl on the phone about developmental drugs that help ease rhumatoid arthritis, when all of a sudden some jerks who were too impatient to wait in the backed up traffic like everyone else started honking and yelling; saying something like ' Hey buddy, they paying you to talk on the phone? Let's get this done already.'," said Darrell.

" I was pissed man. They don't understand. My boss gave me till 5pm to get that hole done. What am I supposed to do? Fill in the pothole before 2pm? Then what? Go back to the office? Sh*t no! I get done early, my boss is going to make me do some other job. I ain't doin' 2 jobs in one day. That crap keeps happening, we're going to run out of holes and they might find out they don't really need me."

"I'd like to see them do my job. Let's see how they like to sit out in the hot sun all day, getting only $18/hour to do our job. Do they even know how hard it is to act like your doing something for 6 hours, just so you can get a 5 min job done right before your shift's over. Not to mention putting up with morons cryin' about it taking 20 min to get down a mile stretch of road. I didn't tell them to come down this road. Sh*t, they saw the road work signs, they should've taken another road," added Darrell.


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