Monday, September 26, 2005

Congressman Urges Bill to Allow 56th Trimester Abortions

Congressman Bill Hartmann (D) has put a bill before the House that will allow abortions up to the 56th trimester. The bill caused a outrage throughout Washington on Thursday.

"I have never been for abortion after the 2nd trimester until recently. However the recent behavior of my 13 yr. old son has helped me see the advantage to such drastic measures like a 56th trimester abortion," said Rep. Hartmann in front of congress on Thursday.

"This child is unbelievable. He sleeps till 1pm on Saturday's. He doesn't listen to me anymore. He was arrested last week on drug charges. He hasn't attended school at all this year. The only way for me to see an end to my personal embarrassment brought on by this child is for him to be aborted."

Rep. Hartmann has said he has tried punishment, therapy, positive reinforcement, time-outs, and monetary payoffs to get his son to act right.

Pro-Life activists descended upon the Capitol Building on Friday to protest the bill.

"I'm sorry, but we simply cannot have abortion at any trimester. If this man, Mr Hartmann, wants to rid himself of his son, there is always adoption. Or he can do things the old fashioned way and hire a hitman to murder him. But, we will not stand for abortion!!!" said National Pro-Life Alliance president, Martin E. Fox.

There were a few supporters who showed up to support Hartmann's bill. The 13 member national organization Hispanic American National Give Abortions to Anyone Regime (or H.A.N.G.A.A.R.) showed up to voice their support.

"We believe in Mr. Hartmann's bill, " said H.A.N.G.A.A.R. president Jose Flores. " These kids nowadays need to be taught a lesson.... Always acting like they know something about this world that adults don't. Maybe if they knew they could still be aborted, they wouldn't act like such jerks."

A vote on the bill is expected next Tuesday.


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