Thursday, September 15, 2005

Comedian Kills 3 with Set, Others not Really Amused

Indian stand-up comic Greg Chupta amused only 3 out of 125 people in attendance during his set at the Detroit club Funny Ha-Ha on Friday. His amazingly unfunny set included "jokes" about unpaid dowries, unsacred cows, and impersonations of Bollywood stars; They only seemed to connect with his 3 family members in attendance.

"They were laughing on the inside, I'm sure of it. C'mon how could you not laugh when I said Chingra Patel looks like an Indian Monica Lewinsky, I mean c'mon she looks just like her. It's so funny, the resemblance," said Chupta after the show. "and my Knock-Knock joke: Knock Knock--Who's There?--Greg--Greg Who?--Greg Thomas!!! See they thought I was going to say Chupta, but I didn't. I said Thomas. Ah--so funny!"

I assured Greg that he wasn't really telling jokes or making people laugh; as much as wasting precious oxygen and impersonating a sleeping pill during his set.

He laughed and said he would have to use that. Good luck at the Apollo in Harlem next week, Greg.


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