Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Guy Buys Everything at Rite-Aid

(Home Of Crap)

"Yeah, Let me get a pack of Newports......and that box fan up there...and the DVD player and the patio set," said Michael Bradley in his local Rite-Aid.

Michael, 57, realized a year ago that anything he needs for his house can be bought from the shelves behind the counter at his local Rite-Aid. Making his shopping fast and easy and his house a collection of crappy non-matching crap.

"Oh god! They have everything at Rite-Aid...TV's, radios, walkmen, pots, vibrators, plastic furniture, sonogram machines, milk, bread. Last week I swear they were selling an 8-year old chinese kid. I wouldn't doubt it. I love that place!, " said Michael.

Michael has even built a fine cd collection through Rite-Aid's magnificent collection.

"John Tesh Does Christmas, Ace of Base: Greatest Hits, Los Lobos Sings Sinatra, and I even found the rare Don Johnson:Live cd."

So remember when you have to find a gift last minute for someone you hate, just look under the window behind the counter at Rite-Aid and go crazy.

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