Thursday, September 01, 2005

Really Annoying Guy Won't Stop Looking Over at My Screen.

(Annoying Jerkface)
As I try to expell genius from my mind, there is a dorky, fat, prematurely balding guy at the computer next to me, who will not stop looking at my screen. Hey Jerkface! Look at your own screen. Why is he so interested in what is on my screen?
Oh my God, stop looking! I know you just read three sentences earlier when I asked you not to look at my screen. And you know I am talking about you because you are the only 19 year old in this room with a receding hair line that I mentioned in the first sentence. So why did you look over here again? By the way your breathe smells like Funyuns mixed with Pepsi.
Also, just wanted to mention something about your t-shirt. I am sure that the ladies love guys who love comics. However, they only love them when it's not known the guy loves comics. So you may wanna drop the t-shirt that proudly dislpays the epic battle of Venom vs. Spiderman.
I think he finally gets that I was writing about him. I am guessing that because he just got real red and then faced forward. Now he is looking towards his screen, but I know he is not paying attention to it, rather he is thinking about the mean things I wrote and what he should do about it.
Yeah! I thought so. You better not look over here. Damn I must really be an intimidating looking man. This guy is such a wuss.
Now you are so nervous you are balling up those sweaty dirty hands of yours. Now you are acting like your stretching. Now you are.....
I have to go because my nose is now bleeding. I do not wish to talk about what happened. Fat bald guy is no longer looking at my screen though. He was asked to leave by security.


At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for a major ISP and all the people here are fat but they just novel me instead to say whats the url - sigh ...


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